Chicas Dinamicas Kick Starts New Year

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We. Are. Back. And Cusco is in for an entirely revamped Chica Dinamica experience!

For the past two months you may have noticed that Kat and I took a hiatus from work. The southern hemisphere declared it summer in December, and so did we. Kat spent her summer traveling to Ecuador and enhancing her yoga teaching in Asia, near Lima. I spent my two months visiting loved ones in Taiwan, the Philippines and the U.S.A. Our time off was relished, but we couldn’t wait to get back to work and see our Chica Dinamicas once again. Fresh off the beach and the plane we headed to Los Nogales our first Friday back…

And then Cusco happened.

We stepped through the door expecting to be greeted by the familiar shrills of “Profeeee!” but to our astonishment we saw a pile of desks and a few teachers milling about. Where were the students? We wondered to each other. Our ignorance was promptly reversed as the school director welcomed us and informed us that school, in fact, did not start until the following week.

Kat and I laughed to each other as we got back in the combi heading home not 10 minutes after arriving to what we thought would be our first day back. Latin culture runs on a different clock, and often what is told to you has some wiggle room by about a week.

We took our additional 5 days off to enjoy and acclimate to a place both of us so fondly call home. The familiar lack of oxygen causing us to wheeze our way up the stairs to our house, the s/.10 menu’s at our favorite vegan restaurant Green Point, old friends smiles and new friends open arms, that cozy feeling from the overcrowded combi’s and the old men calling us “preciosa” it was all here just as we left it and ready to welcome us into a new season of life here.

We are so excited for the next 6 months! We have a new curriculum and even fresher enthusiasm to kick off the next semester. Join us on the journey, because there is Cusco load of empowerment that is about to be unleashed.