Thinking Quickly as We Roll Out the New Curriculum

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In between sunny mornings and afternoon hailstorms, PMs Kaitlyn and Kat have been implementing the new GirlSportWorks curriculum, which draws out foundation lessons for each of our five objectives: leadership, self-confidence, communications, team skills, and healthy living practices. The first foundation lesson went smoothly, but in lesson two we found ourselves forced to think quickly on our feet.

Our first class back was a foundation lesson on Leadership and Motivating Others. After a quick warm-up and stretching, we played a fun game of “Hazlo Como Yo” (Do It Like Me) where the class mimics a peer leading a certain action, dance or stretch. Then we asked the girls to individually come up with a list of how they can be leaders in their homes, with their friends, at school and with the environment. At all of the schools, we were so impressed with the leadership qualities presented by the girls. Overall the girls seemed to get a lot out of the class.

During the second foundation class on Leadership and Goal Setting, when rainy weather brought us indoors, it was quite difficult to keep the girls engaged. After five minutes of talking about goal setting in a classroom at Los Nogales, a few girls were bored and wanted to go home. Out of desperation, Kat jokingly said, “Okay, let’s all go home!” and walked out the door, thinking the girls would all laugh. Instead, they followed her lead and all got up.

Kat looked back at Kaitlyn and they both shrugged, thinking, what do we do now? Thinking quickly, they said, “Okay girls. It’s time to play. Go play.” The Los Nogales courtyard went up in cheers and the girls spread out far and wide in small groups with footballs, volleyballs and soccer balls. “Let’s just see what happens,” Kat and Kaitlyn said to each other as they placed random goals around the court.

Within less than five minutes, girls started to ask, “But Profe, what are we doing? What are we playing?” Putting them on the spot, we simply replied, “We’re playing, play the game, don’t you see the goals all over the court?”

After a few more minutes we started to suggest different goals or challenges to make the game more interesting. For example, see how many goals your team can score in a minute or how fast can each girl score a goal. Despite their initial boredom with the lesson, the girls came to realize why it is important to set goals, and even better, how good it feels to meet goals on and off the court.

The new curriculum is an exciting advancement in the program, and we are happy to be a part of the pilot period, executing the great collaboration of the GSW team and adding quick adjustments when we move from paper to play out on the court.

Los Nogales chicas come together to make up a game

Los Nogales chicas come together to make up a game