Relay Race Ridiculousness

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Those who work with kids know that when you find an activity they love, it’s in your best interest to work it every way you can. We’ve had just that kind luck with our new curriculum’s Communications Foundation Class. The favorite activity in all of the schools is a simple relay race where each girl is assigned a number. A girl from each team approaches the profes to receive instruction. That instruction can be as simple as run to a cone and do five jumping jacks to as lighthearted as salsa your way up and down the court. Once they understand the instructions, they run back to their line, share with their teammates and start as quickly as possible.

As you can only imagine, Kaitlyn and I got very creative with this activity. We’ve played it twice now at every school. Just last week, the girls at Virgen del Rosario finished the relay in crazy giggling fits. Roxana looked at us and said, “Profe, esta actividad fue bien chistoso” – “Teacher, that activity was really funny!”

Here are a few clips from Pacca and Los Nogales.  We hope you get a good giggle from these just like our chicas dinámicas.

Check out the video here:

Kat Narvaez