Chicas Dinamicas Family, Together Again!

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Volvemos! Were back in Cusco and so excited to get back to work. We spent this past week hustling from classroom to classroom and school to school enthusiastically greeting both new and old students and inviting them to join the Chica Dinamicas for another year of fun filled sports! Entering the hallways of Santoni while the girls were on their recess was especially heartwarming as we were tackled by seven screaming 5th graders. I thought one of them was going to cry from excitement. I guess that’s one plus of lacking technology, surprises are much easier to pull off!

As we were being shuffled from class to class, whispers of “chicas dinamicas” filled the air. Jealous boys either looked at us with envy or put a little shake in there step while twirling their hair and speaking in high pitch voices… everyone wants to be a Chica Dinamica these days, even the boys 🙂

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Our Santoni Family

We entered one of the 5th grade classrooms that had at least ten Chicas Dinamicas. Rather than making our usual presentation, we decided to allow our girls to explain the values and importance of what it means to be a Chica Dinamica to the rest of the class. By far the most heart warming and honest response was from Maria, one of our Santoni Trio that are always on time, prepared for class and absolutely hilarious in their own way. Maria said “To be a Chica Dinamica is to be part of a family. We are a family full of love and support for each other.” Maria hit the nail on the head with that response. That’s exactly what we want. One of our biggest goals is to create a safe space where the girls can be themselves and express themselves freely. We want these girls to look at us as their big sisters because they aren’t just girls that we work with, they are our girls, and we love them like family.