Learning Through Food

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What is the difference between a fruta y verdura? What about a proteina y los granos? What is a balanced meal and how can it boost your energy levels?

These were a few of the questions we raised with our Santoni Chicas at our house on Thursday. We brought them to our house as a surprise reward for good behavior and we incorporated a Healthy Bodies lesson as part of the trip to teach them about the importance of different food groups and eating balanced meals.

The girls had to work together to categorize different foods that we laid out, such as milk, bananas, pasta, and beans as proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, or dairy. The girls easily categorized the fruits, veggies and dairy, but struggled to place the proteins and grains, putting the beans in the grains and the quinoa and pasta in the protein category. Once everything was in the right place and the girls understood the importance of eating foods from all categories, it was time to eat!


Healthy and tasty food!

We had prepared a complete meal for the girls, including a super tasty cilantro-lime quinoa and veggie salad, a juicy fruit salad, scrambled eggs and, of course, a hearty glass of milk to wash it all down. The girls had never tried quinoa prepared dry, since they usually eat it in soups or for breakfast in a tasty warm drink called Quinoa y Manzana. Some loved the salad, but we got the sense that most prefer quinoa in the typical Peruvian preparations. The fruit salad was by far the favorite dish and they finished it down to the last drop.


Goofy chicas showing off for the camera.

Once everyone was done eating, a spontaneous dance party broke out and the girls went a little crazy, using markers as microphones and sing-screaming at the top of their lungs. It was a perfect way to burn off some of the seemingly endless energy these girls have and to have a good time. All in all, we all learned a lot and they left full and happy.