Racing Down the Slides

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We headed to Parque Urpicha last week with Los Nogales and Virgen del Rosario to let loose and have some fun as a reward for great behavior this spring. Ali and I were expecting to have fun, but were surprised how much both of our inner kids came out at the park. I think we enjoyed the field trip as much as the chicas!

I was really pleased with our girls’ behavior in both groups. We had a “serious” chat with them before going into the park. We told them that they always needed to be with a buddy and that it was important that they listen to us when it was time to leave. Letting them go off in their pairs without our direct supervision helped show them that we have gained a lot of trust in them, and also helped teach them how to identify and respect their own limits. The girls still asked continuously for permission to go to this slide or those swings, and of course asked for the occasional push, but they struck a perfect balance of autonomy within the guidelines we set.


Getting some height on the swings.

As we are officially in the Cusco dry season, which brings a strong, relentless sun throughout the day and frigid nights, both days at the parque were hot and sunny. I think the chicas may have gotten more exercise running around the park than they do in a normal class. Luz Anahel found her workout for the day in pumping higher and higher on the swings before heading to the slides. I was hot and breathing hard after continuously heading up the steps to race Estefani, Carla, and Shirley, who couldn’t get enough of the slides.

See Saw

See-saw glee!

The Parque Urpicha field trip focused mostly on having fun, but it demonstrated how much mutual trust we have gained with our girls in the past 10 months. Not to mention that it had everyone sweating!