Profe Abel Comes to Class

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As a Project Manager for GSW, a key part of my job is to plan, implement, and review weekly classes and lesson plans. Another important aspect of being a Project Manager is always searching for ways in which GSW can improve.

The other day someone asked me what I thought GSW needed most as a small, functioning NGO. While we are always thrilled to receive donations in the form of sports equipment, this is not what we’re lacking. As I’m nearing my 11th month mark of living in Cusco, I’m realizing that what we need most is local support. While we have an incredible and supportive team in the states, having an extra set of hands and an extra mind (whether it’s from Peruvians or other foreigners) has been the most helpful tool.

Recently I was approached by the Volunteer Coordinator of ProyectoPeru (an organization that connects volunteers with nonprofits in the Cusco area). When he said he was very interested and impressed with our model as an NGO, I was excited about the prospects of working together. After learning about their volunteering model, we found that ProyectoPeru was a good fit for GSW and a partnership was born!

As a sort of test run, they sent a semi professional soccer player from Holland our way, Abel. Although Profe Abel was only with us for a week, what a week it was! All the girls absolutely loved him and had a lot of fun playing soccer for the week. One of my personal highlights from the week was our class at Casa Mantay. Participation at our Mantay classes is sometimes an uphill battle. Girls often sit out in the middle of class because it’s hot, or they’re tired or bored. During this class everybody was excited to participate and nobody sat down the entire class! It’s fun for both our students and me when we have a guest in class. I love having a new perspective with a fresh set of eyes to evaluate how we utilize class time and share teaching tips with us.

Overall, it was a fun way to start this new alliance with ProyectoPeru. I’m excited to see what the future holds for us!