Immersed in a World Full of Smiles and Colors

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I got my own folder. Filled with photos, drawings and thank you letters from our Chicas Dinámicas and the Project Managers Lydia and Alika. Happy memories of three wonderful weeks in Cusco.



Profeee! Girls start running towards us once we enter the sports court. All smiles, the girls are looking forward to another class of Chicas Dinámicas. Followed by a kiss on the cheek and an intense hug we are ready to spend some time together. One can truly feel GSW’s energy and motivation. Teachers come to class well prepared, always with new and fun warm-up games and exercises in mind. The girls love it! But before we start, they’re happy to “pintar” – they color drawings to earn stickers and ultimately a little prize. A straightforward yet important incentive to encourage participation and reward those who regularly participate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the girls I met would come to class without this incentive though. I’m amazed by their positive attitude and how they support each other.


A mix of warm-up games, stretching while counting in various languages, exercises and a match at the end make each lesson very diversified and exciting. Both profes and girls are out of breath at times, smiling a lot, and enjoying themselves. It’s not just us teaching the girls, we also learn from them. Competition is secondary. This is about exploring new things, giving your best for the team, and learning lessons for life in a fun environment. Respectful behavior, patience, and achieving something together is important.


Spending three weeks of my sabbatical with these girls in Cusco was a truly rewarding experience. I’m so glad I chose to support GSW. Happy smiles, beautiful colors, motivated kids and two committed Project Managers who have given and shown me so much. In a place so different, I felt home immediately thanks to all the friendly and welcoming people. My wish has come true: immersing myself into a new world and leaving with a backpack full of treasures and happy memories. I am leaving Cusco and Peru but hope to be back one day – as a traveler who is not as foreign anymore.




Editor’s Note: GirlSportWorks is extremely grateful that Nicole Strohmeier could join us for three weeks this September. We wish her the very best of luck and hope she comes back to visit soon.


More highlights:

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[Traditional dances during anniversary celebrations at Los Nogales]

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[First communion of some of our Chicas Dinámicas]


[My family in Cusco: Alika and Lydia, on my left and right. Two very positive, open-minded and talented young ladies]