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Not All Fun and Games

Last Friday, the renowned singer OZUNA made his way to Cusco for the first time. He sings popular songs that all of the girls know and love, and Lydia and I were considering going to his concert to see what he was like live. We decided to play a trick on the girls and tell them that the reason he was coming to Cusco was to visit me.

Obsessed with our love lives, the girls started asking all kinds of questions: where did we meet, when did we meet, why he chose me over all of the other infatuated fans. They even asked why they hadn’t heard of me and why I wasn’t on the Internet. I told them that OZUNA wanted to keep us a secret because it was such a new relationship. The toughest answer to come up with on the spot was the names and lyrics to every one of his songs, but I squeezed by with a simple, “we just started dating, I’m still listening to all of his music!”

Barely satisfied, they asked us to bring him to class so they could prove that he was real (clearly not just so they could gawk over him), but we told them that he had a 4 a.m. flight after his Friday concert (thankfully they didn’t realize that no flight leaves the Cusco airport after 9 p.m.). We changed Lydia’s name in my phone to “Novio OZUNA <3 <3 <3” and sent some messages to seem more credible. It did just enough to buy us more time. The Monday leading up to the concert, Lydia tapped into her supreme Photoshop skills and put some pictures of us together to make it realistic. We saved them on my phone and presented them to our girls, who then took my phone to show them to their friends and some of their parents. When questioned about Photoshop, Lydia and I acted like grandparents that were out of touch with the technological world. They were so excited for me - that I found a nice guy who sings really well and, most importantly, treats me well. Still, some of them were a bit skeptical with his celebrity status and the need to keep “us” a secret. They advised that I investigate to ensure he wasn’t cheating with any other fans. This planted a seed, and Lydia and I devised the plan that we would break up with OZUNA for cheating (he does have a girlfriend and kid, after all). This past Monday, the girls ran up to us to ask how the concert was, and if I had been happy to see him. I put on my saddest face and told them that I had bad news, setting the scene for the breakup. By class time, they had learned the gruesome details – that we had broken up due to his infidelity, that he had a novia of over a year and that this was why he pushed to keep us a secret. The girls were saddened to hear this, but were quick to tell me that I shouldn’t be upset. They told me that one day I would find a guy that would treat me with the utmost respect and be honest about all aspects of our relationship.

I was pleasantly surprised at how wise they were, but just to make it seem like I was the educator, I gave a long and dramatic speech at the end of class. I explained that I wasn’t sad because someone who doesn’t treat me right does not deserve to occupy my mind. All that matters in life is having good, supportive friends, just like our chicas dinámicas, and that I would pick them over a bad guy any day. I received applause, took my bow, and walked away smiling that we actually got away with our joke and made an impromptu lesson.

Fractured Fairy Tale: sometimes you can create a good lesson by playing tricks on your kids!

– Alika


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