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I recently shared the following post on my Facebook page:

“To all the homies trying to find something to do next year: want a job where you do what you love and love what you do?
Things I love:
Playing sports
Working in communities of other girls/women where we can mutually empower each other
Feeling unconditional love
Eating really good, cheap vegetarian food
Frolicking in beautiful, year round weather
Becoming fluent in another language
Adventuring in foreign countries
Being outdoors and hiking
Connecting with people from all around the world
And yeah, I get to do those every day.
We are looking for two new Project Managers to take over for me and Alika in July 2017! So, if any of the above activities sound like things you enjoy then apply! If you read the description and it sounds too good to be true, it’s okay, I thought so too. But this job really does exist and you should really really consider doing it. Contact me with any questions or if you want to hear more about what the job entails.
The deadline to apply is December 16, 2016.”

If anyone out there in the world is considering the job and looking for more information, I will go a bit more in depth about the position and hopefully that will persuade you to apply!

On a personal growth note, I will say that going abroad right after graduating from college is one of the best things I think I could have done for myself. I went from a hyper-structured environment that, for me, was controlled by sports practice, class, rehearsal, and a packed friend network to a very unstructured, free, and completely open way of life. This is common for people leaving college and going into a new job post graduation, but I think I became more aware of it when I went abroad. Everything so drastically shifted, and I no longer have the system of constant external validation that was so woven into my college experience. I needed to figure out how to feel those same gains without a teacher, a coach, or a friend telling me that I “did a good job.”

Before accepting this job, I was considering staying in Boston or New York and pursuing my other passions in design. I found myself repeating to anyone who asked what I was doing during this year, “I could either stay close to home, in a city I know well and have the comforts of people, food, and culture stay secure so that I can branch out and grow externally in a professional way with my knowledge of the design world, or I can go somewhere where all those comforts are ripped out from under me and I have to find them again as I grow more internally.” After having almost finished my first semester here, I can safely say that I found both of those things with GirlSportWorks.

I have grown externally and professionally with the opportunities to be a leader for this program, to experience the ins and outs of female entrepreneurism, as well as to create opportunities for myself to continue to grow my design skills. In terms of internal growth, I was able to find what I really wanted and needed in my life. There were things, people, places before that I thought I needed to be happy. Once those were removed, I realized that I was fine crafting my own happiness. I have narrowed it down to one single thing that I can search for everywhere life happens to take me: community.

I am really happy when I feel a sense of community. I have felt it in the unconditional love from the girls that we work with every day, in taking myself out to lunch and finding a four-hour conversation with complete strangers, in the communal energy of a yoga class after a long day of work, and in cooking dinner with our girls and their families. I also have felt it in the sense of teamwork when we have small gains in class and when we witness the girls helping each other or working together to win the game. I felt it in house warming parties, movie nights, and most recently at our Thanksgiving feast with friends from all over the world. I laughed until my sides hurt. These are the moments that I will remember. These are the moments I find myself smiling the most and feeling that indescribable full feeling.

That one thing that a GirlSportWorks project manager needs will differ for everyone, but I am confident that the future project managers will find it. Being a part of the GirlSportWorks community only helped me to find it sooner. Life isn’t scripted, and there isn’t a linear path that we all follow, but when I was given the freedom to find what it is I wanted to do, I was pushed out of my comfort zone. I came back to dive into things I am passionate about. That feeling of success is something much greater than anything I learned in college.

If you are still unconvinced, feel free to contact me at if you want to hear more about my experience here as a Project Manager!

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