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85 days away, but who’s counting?

It’s surreal that we’re a mere 12 weeks away from landing on US soil after a year in this beautiful city. There is still so much to do before we head out, that instead of a goals-setting foundational lesson with our girls this week, we’ll be doing some goal-setting of our own, right here, for all to see and hold us accountable. Future PMs, this one is (mostly) for you!

  1. Future PMs, we’re planning on leaving you guys with strong ties to every court and every host school. With rapidly changing directors and staff, it’s hard to maintain strong relations year to year. Though our PMs change every 13 months, our story stays the same: “We come to this school/court at X time to work with your students. We want to create the safest space possible for our girls, so could you please help us implement this or give us a key?” Hopefully this step will save future PMs the trouble of reestablishing who we are and why we do what we do, allowing them to focus their energy on implementing our program.
  2. Once in a while, it’s good to update the curriculum and add the zest of the current project managers. This year, we’re planning on adding Lydia’s pride and joy, rugby, into the mix. If the girls can learn American football, why not also teach the equivalent (or superior, depending on who you’re speaking with) game from Europe? We’re excited to pilot the curriculum as our last sport in June!
  3. In addition to rugby, we’ll also be modifying some of the foundational lessons. We’ve realized that our curriculum has been passed down year to year, but it is unclear how much change has been done throughout GSW’s time in Cusco. We teach Communication, Teamwork, Healthy Living, Leadership, and Self-Confidence, but girls who have been in the program year after year get the same dosage of these lessons in the same way. Thus, we’d like to modify them slightly to give PMs more options moving forward.
  4. Social media! We’ve done what we can to increase traction on our social media, but we want more! One way to achieve this is to create videos so people can feel a personal connection with our girls. We can write about our superstar students all we want, but our audience will never feel a connection unless we show them on camera, laughing, smiling, being goofy and enjoying themselves. We hope to bring you at least two more awesome action-packed videos before we officially head out of Cusco. Stay tuned!
  5. Exploring ourselves! It is safe to say that we’ve been so focused on GSW that any free time we have is also used to better the program! But diving into our work has left us little time to ponder the future and get our stars in line, so we’re looking to put some more time into that while we still can. Lydia wants to become the Queen Bey of the design world, I’m trying to become a pop star, and we’re both looking for our next big business break. We’ll keep you up to date with those adventures!

So, that is our short list of things we want to accomplish before leaving here. But what we haven’t written, and what we want most of all, is to use our remaining 85 days to enjoy our crazy chicas dinámicas!


– Alika