I Did It, Profe!

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With a little over two months left, I want to share small, cute moments during class to commemorate our awesome students. For today’s cute moment I introduce you all to Aracely!

Aracely is a shy, goofy fourth grader from Colegio Santoni that we love having join us. We taught the girls the proper way to throw and catch, including pop flies and line drives. It started out a little awkward with numerous questions about how one holds a glove, on which hand to wear it, how to avoid being hit in the face, etc., but we got better over time!

On Tuesday, the girls practiced throwing and catching with partners toward the end of class. Balls were flying everywhere. Being completely new to the sport, some were growing frustrated, whether because their partners weren’t throwing the ball accurately or because they kept missing the balls. I kept my eye on Aracely and Anahy because they were one of the younger pairs and, thus, newest to baseball. They spent the entire 20 minutes practicing this skill by chasing balls and not catching a single one. They weren’t too thrilled with the new sport.

Yet, with five minutes left of class, they caught (pun not intended) their big break: after what seemed to be ages of attempting to throw and catch perfect line drives, Aracely finally caught one! She jumped up with her glove held high, holding up her prize for everyone to see. For the next 10 minutes, you couldn’t remove the smile off her face, and Lydia and I were smiling right there with her. 

Little moments like those keep us going! We love seeing girls improve, whether over the course of one class or over the course of the semester.