Goal-Setter to Goal-Getter

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Leadership is one of our five core values that we teach our chicas dinámicas throughout the year.

Last week Profe Rachel and I led lessons in each of our schools on leadership, and more specifically, covering goal-setting. We went into the lesson a little worried about having the girls sit for so long, but thought they would enjoy drawing on their goal-setting sheets.

What we actually got were a plethora of thoughtful, realistic, intuitive (and a few silly) goals that blew us away a little bit. Here are some examples of the long and short term goals our chicas shared:

This week I intend to study so I can earn good grades
I want to travel to Lima
I want to visit my grandparents
To be a professional singer
I will study for my math test
To be a lawyer, an engineer, and a doctor
I want to travel to Machu Picchu
Run a marathon and play professional soccer
To throw a frisbee three kilometers
I would like to play professional basketball when I grow up
To speak English
To be an architect and civil engineer
I want to be a professional model

So maybe throwing a frisbee 3K seems out of reach

But when we asked Lucero how she was going to achieve her goal, she talked about how much she would practice and practice and practice. As we went around the circle sharing our goals, we asked each girl this question: what are you going to do to reach your goal? And they all had ideas for how they were going to make the words and drawings on their cards come to life. Be it working with their tía more in the kitchen to learn a new recipe or making plans with their family to go to Machu Picchu, they all had thoughtful ideas of how to bring their dreams to fruition.

  • football
  • football
  • football

We spent a lot of our discussion talking about why goals matter. Why are they important, and why should we set them in the first place? We talked about how goals keep us moving forward, they drive us to achieve the things we want to achieve, and they make it harder to quit. We talked about team goals that they have during class as well as the personal ones they may keep to themselves. Part of being a good leader is being able to set these goals, work with the team to achieve common goals, and celebrate one another when we reach them.

Based on these last couple weeks of class, I imagine we may see some engineers, models, marathon runners, and maybe even three-kilometer disc throwers in our future.

– Kyla

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