2019, Here We Come!

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It’s hard to believe that we’re already in February!

It seems like just yesterday it was still 2018. We hope that everyone has had a great start to 2019 and is as excited for the year ahead as we are!

Schools in Cusco are currently on their summer vacation until early March, so Adrie and I have been enjoying some relaxation time with our families back in the States. For me, that means lots of time to read, catch up on movies I’ve missed, and eat delicious food with my family in Austin. Adrie has been busy surviving the winter cold and hanging out with friends in New Jersey. After spending five months seeing each other every day, it has been strange to be so far away from Adrie, but we’ve been staying in close communication.

One of the main things we talk about is how excited we are to return to Cusco in March and reunite with our girls!

Taking breaks is important, so we hope that our girls have been enjoying their summer vacation and making the most of their time off from classes. However, we can’t wait to start teaching again and hopefully welcome some brand new chicas dinámicas into our classes as well. We’ve also been busy brainstorming how we can make our classes better than ever in 2019.

Our first five months in Cusco were fantastic, and we learned new things every day about how to run our program. We finished off 2018 by conducting interviews, surveys, and physical testing as part of our Monitoring and Evaluation project. While we’re still processing the data we collected (stay tuned!), the M&E process was hugely inspirational. It was great to hear from students, parents, and administrators about all the reasons they love GSW and also gather some helpful ideas for how we can continue to improve.

Adrie and I are both very excited to take everything we’ve learned and put it into action.

We know our next five months in Cusco will fly by just as quickly as our first five did, so we can’t wait to jump back into the action. However, before we start back at work again, we’ll first be doing some traveling. We’re taking the long way back to Cusco, with fun stops in Brazil and Chile. So keep an eye out for our next update from the road!

– Danielle

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