Family Fun in Cusco!

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Two weeks ago, my family came to visit me in Cusco!

This was a very big deal for me. My family loves traveling, and all my life we’ve taken fantastic trips together; it’s our favorite way to spend family time. However, as we’ve gotten older, it’s become increasingly difficult to find travel dates that work for everyone. I have three older sisters who live in Texas, Colorado, and England. The fact that my parents and all three of my sisters were able to make it down to Cusco to visit me (and for a whole week!) made me incredibly happy.

My family visited for the week of Semana Santa, which is a busy and fun time in Cusco. Usually when my family travels, my mom plans the entire trip. However this time, since they were coming to my home turf, I insisted on being the one to plan their visit. It took time to work out all the logistics, but it was a blast to take them to my favorite restaurants, show them around this beautiful city, and explore the Sacred Valley with them. It was the perfect mix of showing them the touristy side of Cusco and sharing my daily life with them. They got to see Machu Picchu, Sacsayhuaman, and the Pisac market, but they also got to see my favorite breakfast place, ride the bus I take to class, and meet some of the girls we teach.

My family loved visiting our class, and the girls loved meeting them!

My family is very close, and we can be a little overwhelming when we’re all together—six people talking over each other, taking a million photos, and eating off each other’s plates. However, Adrie jumped right into the mix and joined in on the family adventure. In no time at all, it was like we had another sister.

Adrie playing the role of Strasburger Sister #5

Overall, the trip was a massive success. My parents had visited Cusco in the 1980s when they backpacked around the world before getting married. They couldn’t believe how much the city had changed! Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, the (mostly) sunny days, and the fluffy baby alpacas in the street. The fact it was Semana Santa added some cool bonus features, like seeing the impressive and somber Señor de los Temblores procession.

We went on a beautiful hike from Chinchero to Urquillos

I was sad to wave goodbye to my family when it was time for them to leave, but I was happy that they had experienced Cusco with me. It was a great visit, and I also got to know Cusco a little bit better myself by finally visiting some tourist sites I hadn’t had a chance to see before. A big thank you to my family for making the effort to come and visit me! Hope you enjoyed!

– Danielle

One Comment on “Family Fun in Cusco!”

  1. Eva Strasburger

    Your blog captures our visit so well! It was an amazing trip on so many levels: to see you and the work you do with GirlsSportWorks- very impressive!- to experience your lifestyle with bus rides and delicious street foods, hang out with Adrie, plus have the incredible cultural and historical world class sites with top notch hotels and restaurants,. Also, the fact that you planned and ran it all made it very special. It was truly the perfect family holiday. Thank you!

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