GirlSportWorks teaches self-confidence, leadership, communication, teamwork, and healthy living to girls through sport in Cusco, Peru. Our Project Managers serve as teachers, mentors, and friends to our students, who we encourage to grow as members of their schools, families, and communities.

Program tools


We deliver instruction to our girls through a student-centered curriculum that includes eleven sports segments and five life skills segments. We supplement instruction with field trips that further our in-class lessons, including rock climbing, paddle boarding, yoga workshops, and hikes to Peruvian heritage sites.


We measure the success of our program for our students, schools, and communities through an annual evaluation that has been designed to measure the program’s impact and to identify opportunities for improvement. Check out our blog for stories on what we have learned through our evaluations and how we have used these insights to improve GirlSportWorks.

A day in the life


School partners


Colegio Luis Vallejos Santoni

Santoni is a public day school located in Santiago, a limited-resources district of Cusco. GSW has been working with this school since 2004 and extensively renovated the community courts in 2011.

Colegio Los Nogales

Los Nogales is a coed, public, primary school located in a neighborhood near the airport. Los Nogales is first school at which GSW started, in 2003, and GSW continues to offer sport and English classes.

Virgen Del Rosario

After a community member sought out our program and gave us an introduction to the school, GSW began working at Virgen in 2012. Virgen is a coed, public school, located in a very impoverished area of the city.

Casa Mantay

At Casa Mantay, most mothers are between the ages of 12 and 16 and have been victims of sexual violence, neglect, and discrimination. GirlSportWorks promotes the physical, social, and emotional health of these young women through athletic activity.

Miguel Grau

GSW began working with students at Miguel Grau, a coed public, primary school, in April 2017. After getting introduced to this school by a former Director at Los Nogales, GSW started the program, which was met with great enthusiasm from both parents and students alike.